Central Coast Manufactured Homes Village

2-10 Duffys Road Terrigal NSW 2260
Ph. 02 4384 4718   –   Fax. 02 4384 4208

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my lease payments include?
Lease payments include land rates, garbage rates, lawn mowing and maintenance of all common areas.

How much is rent?
Site Fees vary according to the size, individual features and location of each block. Currently the site fees in the Village range from $191.00 to $271.00 per week. Centrelink or Veterans Affairs rental assistance subsidies of up to $90 per week may apply (if eligible). The actual amount that you receive is determined by Centrelink. We advise that you contact Centrelink to obtain further information.

Visitors and short stay guests
Visitors and short stay guests may only stay on site for no longer than 8 consecutive days and no more than 60 days in a year

The village rules provide that only fish and birds are permitted within the village.

Are there any restrictions on the type of moveable dwelling allowed in the village?
To preserve the aesthetics and standards of our village and to maintain the investments of our existing residents, we only accept manufactured homes constructed to a high standard by builders experienced in this type of home construction.

If the village is sold, what protection do the residents have against loss of rights?
A fixed term agreement is enforceable against the purchaser and cannot be terminated unless the resident agrees or unless the tribunal directs, because of a breach of the agreement.

What facilities are available for delivery of mail to the village residents?
Mail is delivered by Australia Post to secure private post boxes provided for each site at the entry to the village.

Is the village situated within a Crown Reserve or National Parks and Wildlife Reserve?

What arrangements exist for the supply of energy, phone and gas to the residential site, and what cost to the resident will the energy be supplied?
Electricity, natural gas, land line phone and internet is supplied directly from the provider. The resident has the choice of any utility provider.

Terrigal Waters Village
2-10 Duffys Road Terrigal NSW 2260
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